November Updates

Hey, hello, and how are you!

So much to say so little time.

Well, no, I’ve got plenty of time, but I’m sure no one wants to hear the full story. So I’ll stick to relevant things like books and sales.

Let’s get started.

There’s a great sale going on right now at Black Friday sale (11/24-11/26): 60% off all ebooks. $8 paperpacks! Cyber Monday (11/27-11/28): 40% off all ebooks!

Second, on the list of fun stuff are some recent reads that need to be recommended.

First, we’ve got Queer Relations by Ellie Thomas. A follow-up to Twelve Letters, Queer Relations follows Percy Havilland, who originally appeared as a minor character. His pampered, spoiled life as a favorite among the Ton is threatened when a family scandal comes to life. As Percy’s life is turned upside down, he might learn to appreciate true friendship and possibly even learn to love.

I adored Percy’s tiny role in Twelve Letters, so I was thrilled when Ellie announced a sequel that would be following him, and she did not disappoint! This one had all the same charm and drama as the first, with the addition of complicated family issues, self-reflection, and the strength of meaningful friendships. The whole thing completely stole my heart, and cannot wait to read the next in the series: Coming of Age.

Second, there’s K.L. Noone’s An October Question, the final Wes and Finn story. What started with October by Candlelight when Wes and Finn had recently moved in together, has come full circle with history professor Wes Kim wanting to propose to his former teen idol and actor boyfriend, Finn Ransom. Wes hopes to make the moment magical, of course. Unfortunately, Finn isn’t giving him much to work with. But Finn might have a few surprises of his own in store for his beloved

As with the rest of the Wes and Finn stories, this one was charming and magical, with the right amount of sweetness and spice. Wes’s struggle to get everything just right is both sympathetic and adorable at the same time, and the result is worth every bit of anxiety felt along with him. Every one of their stories was wonderful, and this was icing on the cake.

Lastly for today, have a teaser peek at the cover for my next book coming out December 31st

A vampire. A werewolf. A curse. Fated Mates.

Cover reveal coming December 15th!

Well, I believe that’s it for now. Happy holiday season, everyone!


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