Rainbow Snippet: Full Moon Chronicles: 1912

Happy weekend! I wish I had some good news to share, but I really don’t. Things are still unresolved with my insurance company, so I can’t get my meds, which means I’m just in pain. First, they wouldn’t cover the meds I’ve been on for over two years, which I know how I react to, and it doesn’t interfere with any of my other meds. While trying to sort that out, my doc sent a different one to me. This one barely works and makes me really sick. So, they sent over a different one to try, and the insurance company is once again giving me a problem, and it’s too much to pay for out of pocket.

So, yeah, it’s been fun.

But I’m still trucking away, so I’ve got a Rainbow Snippet* to share. Today’s snippet comes from the next installment of The Full Moon Chronicles.

Laurent lowered them enough to be nearly face-to-face with them. He inhaled deeply through flared nostrils. 

“In fact,” he said, “why even give you the chance,” and bared his fangs, and Seth realized with a horrible twist to his heart, that Laurent truly meant to kill them.


Laurent stopped, at the very last second, though he seemed reluctant to do so; he licked the back of his teeth and straightened, expression hard and cold. 

“Don’t, Laurent,” Seth whispered. “Please, don’t.”

*Those who participate in the Rainbow Snippets FB group try to post six sentences from a WIP, completed work, a book rec, etc, and then share it with the group.


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