Rainbow Snippets: Just Our Luck

Here we are! Back with another Rainbow Snippet*!

This week’s snippet comes from Just Our Luck, being written for JMS’s 13th anniversary!

“You’re looking at me again.”

“Yeah, yeah. You caught me. Must be that pretty face of yours.” 

In the middle of pulling a pair of Luca’s pants out of the laundry basket, N’ver froze with one of those I’m-might-strike-you-dead expressions on his face. The very second N’ver slid that look to side-eye Luca with it, Luca held in a laugh and shrunk back, pushing himself as far against the arm of the couch as possible. 

“You cannot escape that way, you know,” N’ver said. “You may try fleeing for your life, but I highly doubt you’ll make it.” 

“How ‘bout begging? Will that work?”

“It couldn’t hurt.”

Luca put on the most pitiful face he could conjure—lip pushed out and down and quivering, eyes wide and pleading, fingers interlaced and pinned under his chin—and whimpered. They both enjoyed those little noises Luca could make, and Luca was very much not ashamed to make them now, sitting on the couch in the living room folding laundry with the half-demon he’d accidentally summoned and had somehow fallen in love with. 

“Please, N’ver Moore? Don’t kill me. I promise, I’ll be good.” 

N’ver didn’t only scoff, he rolled his head back, but Luca guessed that was to hide the laugh he didn’t want him to see. 

“Fine. I suppose I can spare your life this time. But only because you are so very utterly pathetic.” Before resuming the folding, N’ver paused, hesitated, and then glanced Luca’s way with a worried pinch between his eyes. “I…I didn’t mean—”

“I know, N’ver.”

*Those who participate in the Rainbow Snippets FB group try to post six sentences from a WIP, completed work, a book rec, etc, and then share it with the group.


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