Rainbow Snippet: Just Our Luck

Well, it’s been a rough start to the year. I haven’t been able to get my meds because my insurance company doesn’t want to pay for them, even though I’ve been on this Rx for over two years now. It’s been very stressful trying to work this out. *sigh*

Anywho, it’s time for another Rainbow Snippets post. Those who participate in the Rainbow Snippets FB group try to post six sentences from a WIP, completed work, a book rec, etc, and then share it with the group. I’m attempting to be more active here!

So for today, I’d like to share a snippet from a work in progress called Just Our Luck about an unlucky wizard named Luca who tries his hand at a luck potion and accidentally summons a demon instead.

“I don’t want any trouble,” Luca finally said, voice trembling, mind flashing with all the terrible consequences that could happen from disrespecting a demon. “You can just…go. Please. I-I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

“But…aren’t you a Moore?”    

Even more confused, Luca shook his head. “What? I don’t understand. Am I more of what?”

“No, that’s not what I…” He glanced at the book again. “Are you not part of the Moore Family?”

“Um.” Luca had heard rumors about how unwise it was to share names with a demon, but that was just a rumor. Surely lying to a demon would be worse. “My family name is Antonelli.”

Demons, everyone knew, were liars, masters at manipulation, but Luca couldn’t imagine the pure naked fear that’d run across this demon’s face had been fake.


Rainbow Snippets

This is from The Full Moon Chronicles: 1847 which comes out December 31st. The first of an m/m fantasy series that follows a vampire and werewolf, and a sudden spark that sends them both on a journey that spans centuries.

~ ~ ~

“I hadn’t planned on dyin’ tonight.”

“I hadn’t planned on killing you.” 

Still tensed and prepared to fight his way out of here, Seth eyed him with both caution and suspicion. 

“But…you said…”

“That I thirst for and want your blood, yes. I never said I would kill you.”  

“Then how…”

~ ~ ~

Available for pre-sale at JMS-Books and Smashwords and Amazon

~ ~ ~

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Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s been a hectic week. The hubs is gone for work for the next two weeks, which means I’m single parenting until his return. The good news, however, is that two days after his return is when we leave for Disney World. In “bad” news (not really bad, just a silly minor frustration for me), another guest was just added to the New York Comic Con (NYCC) guest appearances this year. I should be super excited, right? We go every year and this year’s no exception. And every year NYCC sends me a survey after the con. One of the questions on it is: ‘which three celebrities would you like to see at the con’? My answer, every time, was: Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan.

Most of the guests have been announced already. Today, I got an email about more added guests, and guess who it was!!!

Sebastian Stan!

Who will be there only on Friday. And I’ll be there…on Sunday.

Since NYCC is a four-day event, and since he’s only going to be there for one of them, I only had a 1 out of 4 chance anyway, but really??? Ugh.

But enough of my whining.

Today I’m going to be sharing a snippet from the story that will be coming out in Nov/Dec. No release date yet.

This will be the first of a novella series, Our Fire and Ice, that follows Laurent and Seth, a vampire and werewolf. Although typically enemies, there’s an instant spark between these two. One that spans more than a century.

The first novella, Our Fire and Ice: 1847, is set in London during a ball hosted by Laurent’s coven. Laurent doesn’t want to attend, but as the guest of honor, is expected to make an appearance. Instead, he’s been sulking in the library. When his solitude is interrupted by a rather disheveled young man, the night takes quite a surprising turn.


“So what you’d really be interested in,” Seth said, “is using me as yer entertainment.”

“You make it sound so villainous when you say it that way.” Laurent shrugged. “But…yes. If you were to come with me, you’d be remarkable in causing quite a stir. However, you’ve made your decision on the matter perfectly clear, and I shan’t push any further for you to accept my proposal.”

Tight grin on his face, Seth rolled his eyes with a soft shake of his head. Looked as though what Laurent said amused him in a twisted sort of way.

“Now it sounds like you’re trying to trick me into going by pretending to be compassionate.”

“Are you implying I’m without compassion?”

“I’m saying it’s a farce, and it’d be a folly to trust you.”

“Why do you think you shouldn’t trust me?” 

“Because you’re trying to convince me to.” 

If not for Seth’s certainty and confidence with his speculation, Laurent might be insulted. Hard to be offended when such an opinion wasn’t all that improbable. Not that Laurent thought himself either untrustworthy or without compassion. Seth’s views were simply fascinating. 

“Fair enough,” Laurent said. “Although, I think I’ve earned the right to at least a bit of your trust. I’ve been honest with you. Fed you. Given you a place to rest for the night.”

“Aye, and I’m willin’ to bet yer charity serves you more than it does me.”

“Not at all. Although…” He stroked his chin between his fingers. No harm in asking. “I’ve not yet fed. I do wonder if you’d be willing to oblige.” 

To be honest, Laurent expected another roll of the eyes and an outright no. A scoff at the most. Instead, Seth hesitated, nibbling on his lip and picking a bit at the fabric on the arm of the chair. He looked deep in thought. Almost as though he might actually be considering saying yes to Laurent’s proposal. 

“Would it hurt?” 

Surprised by the question, hushed as it was, Laurent thought long and carefully about how to answer. It was more complicated than a yes or no. 

“No,” he said. “It would not hurt, even without a glamour. My teeth, you see”–he flashed them–“are coated in a type of…venom.”

Seth’s gaze flicked up again. “Venom?”

No doubt the word conjured many frightening images and thoughts. 

“Allow me to explain,” Laurent said. “Many, if not most, of my kind do not live in covens. We’re more…”


The very opposite of wolves, who lived and traveled in packs. They were social creatures, while vampires usually formed covens out of convenience. 

“Precisely. And since not everyone has the talent to glamour, their venom makes up for it.”


“It not only contains a sedative to numb the area we bite, it also produces a euphoric effect. From what I’ve been told, and what little I can remember of being turned, it feels good. It increases a person’s…desires, if you catch my meaning.”

That part, Laurent remembered with vivid clarity. He recalled being in a foggy state between awake and asleep, happy and peaceful, sometimes letting lose unrestrained laughter, wondering if he’d gone mad after being injured on a battlefield in Spain and then found by the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on who’d knelt by his side, kissed his neck, and then disappeared. When the fog and delirium lifted some three days later, he realized she’d actually been sitting beside him the whole time. 

Lucinda. His Sire. 

Warm tawny beige skin. Hair long and loose, falling in midnight layers to the middle of her back. Her eyes were the loveliest shade of brown with the warmth of an everlasting fire. 

“Am I dead?” Laurent had asked, sure that was the only explanation for this. 

“No, my dear Laurent.” She stroked fingers along his cheek and sparked every part of him to life. “You are more alive than ever.” 

In the weeks that followed, Luci helped sate the desires that ravaged him as his body adapted to the change. She taught him to tame his thirst and not drain the humans he fed from. The bond between vampires and their sires was exceptionally strong and took years to lessen, which was why Laurent had never even considered parting from her. Not yet, anyway. Maybe sometime in the future, he’d feel comfortable enough to set off on his own; perhaps sire someone for himself.  

For now, however, he was content right here. Spending the evening with a werewolf instead of at the ball, as it was. 

Eyes lowering, Seth’s cheeks darkened with a blush. Laurent could imagine why. Though it probably had a lot to do with the moon and shifting, Seth was already in something of an amorous mood. Laurent smelled the lust all over him. 

Without saying anything else, Seth lifted his chin and tilted his head, exposing his neck to Laurent. 

Gaze dropping to that exquisite sensitive spot, Laurent’s lip trembled. His mouth watered with the thought of lunging in and sinking his teeth into Seth’s skin. Laurent stared at the vein barely visible in Seth’s neck. It pulsed softly. A little quicker now that he’d offered Laurent his blood. Blood that smelled delectable. He let out a rough, shaky breath and forced himself to look away. 

It took every ounce of Laurent’s willpower not to pounce.  

“If you’re serious,” he said, “I don’t have to bite there.”

Seth’s gaze drifted back to Laurent. He straightened. Licked his bottom lip in such a way that would make Laurent weak at the knees if he was standing.

“What do you mean? Where else would you…”

“It needn’t be somewhere so intimate. Your wrist will do perfectly fine.” 

Once again, Seth said nothing and simply held out his arm. Another offer. If Laurent’s heart still beat, it’d be pounding.

I suppose that’s it for now! Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

This is K.S. Murphy signing off.

On the subject of New Releases…

There’s another new releases this weekend and it happens to be the third novella of a wonderful series written by an incredibly talented friend of mine, K.L. Noone. It’s a fantastic story featuring m/m/m superheroes…well, one supersoldier, one former sidekick, and one reformed villain, who are terribly in love and make wonderful puns. Look for all the hurt/comfort, both mind-blowing sex and tender loving-making, and taking-care-of-each other in the Extraordinary Books 1-3

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You won’t be sorry!!